What path should my child take?

As a parent or carer, we understand that you want to offer support to your child when they begin exploring their aspirations, but that can be easier said than done when everything is constantly changing!

Every stage is a step forward

Home Education Futures understand and recognise that every child is unique with a different set of skills, abilities and interests. Some may want to be rocket scientists, some designers, some social influencers, anime illustrators or coders, others may want to be farmhands, work in retail, become a driving instructor and so much more.

At Home Education Futures, we want to assist parents and carers to support their child with the next best steps on their journey, whether that is the next steps in education, finding their first job, or building up their skills and abilities. Whether your child is exploring what their favourite subjects are or preparing to take exams, all the options are available to explore on this site.

Case study

Sureya, aged 34

Dementia Care Nurse

Sureya is one of 8 children, all were home educated and never attended school. She says her parents took an informal approach to education and the children were encouraged to follow their own vocations.

She started her career path by doing some voluntary work in a local residential home. Upon seeing she had a natural affiliation with the patients she was offered a job on the bank and after a while full time, where they helped her get NVQs in Health and Social Care.

Later she decided to become a dementia care nurse and attend evening classes to get GCSE Maths and English. She enrolled and was accepted on a Nursing Degree Apprenticeship which took 4 years whilst working at a local hospital.

Next steps in education and training

We have listened to home educated families across Swindon and Wiltshire to gather the information that they said was important and meaningful for their child.

Please see below for funding options if your child decides to complete qualifications post 16 in education.

16 to 19 funding: 16 to 19 tuition fund - GOV.UK
Post 18 options: National Careers Service